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Get to know how StaffSupervisor help sales managers in their work

Paul, Sales Director

"A dozen of years of sales departments managing taught me that it is impossible to avoid dishonest employees. I know that even in the best team you could find someone who pretends to work or simply cheats the company. I remember the cases of representatives who came nearabouts the clietnts’ office buildings and waited inside the car for half an hour and then reported the visit, knowing that the GPS showed the position".

Knowing similar situations, Paul decided on StaffSupervisor, which enables the control of the subordinates work. He monitors their activity at the dashboard where he can find statistics on performance. If he wants, he can listen to any conversation of a particular employee or check the the messages or files and compare them with the content of the employee reports. Paul also has full information on the current location of the employees and can trace their movement during the day or any given period.

Having this insight from StaffSupervisor, Paul gained a reliable picture of the work of individual team members. He can support the analysis of quantitative indicators using the qualitative material (files, SMS, audio), for example to spot some mistakes during conversations with clients.

Mark, Fleet Manager

"I manage a merchant fleet of dozens of vehicles with telematics system on board. Many times the information about a car position and a driver working time, which I have in the fleet system, is not enough to know what is really going on. Not all drivers use the system chat. Many employees use mobiles when dealing with clients and the office. In this way I was losing quite a lot of information and I had a false picture of the processes in the company. I wanted to have all the information in one system, enabling better control of work".

Marek uses StaffSupervisor integrated with telematic fleet management system. In this way he has cut the cost of the team supervision. The application monitors and records the operations carried out in the company mobile phones used by the drivers (calls, messages, uploads, location). Thanks to the integration, Mark has one access view to all the KPIs, statistics and data that give him information on all activities carried out by the employees of the fleet. Mark also gained immediate, data-driven evidence of the tasks completed by his subordinates.

Integrated with fleet telematics StaffSupervisor gives a manager online access to the all the relevant data from phones and devices installed in the company vehicles. With the managerial tools, one comfortably analyzes the data and statistics,replays calls and checks messages.

Raphael, Sales Manager

"Our department is growing rapidly and we needed a new CRM integrated with the supervision of our salespeople. I have no time or will to switch from one system to another, or to deal with the transfer of data between different systems. I wanted to have in a single dashboard the ability to manage the work of sales team, access to CRM and to the content of team communication with clints. It had to cover both salesmen in the field and telesales".

StaffSupervisor is exceptionally well suited to the modern model of sales management, in which the telesales generates leads for the representative operating in different districts. Taking the supervision of telesales agents and sales representatives in the filed gives an excellent work and performance overview of both groups and insight into the quality of cooperation between them. Both parties mutually motivate and control.

In such situation, the head of sales analyzes indices on the managerial dashbord and immediately intervenes in the areas that require it. He or she does not have to rely solely on the reports sent by sales team memebers. If necessary, one can verify them and rely on the available material from contact with clients.

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About us

StaffSupervisor was created thanks to the effort of Q4B Group team. From various sides we reached information about how costly, uncertain and demanding is to manage a team of salespeople. We decided to use our experience in from the telematics industry to design and devise a tool to facilitate the work of sales managers, saving thier time and money of the company.

At the beginning we conducted a series of interviews with experienced sales directors. We noticed that many of problems they have reported repeated regardless of industry. We transferred this knowledge into a set of features that gives a head of sales a powerful tool for managing the work of a team. We had the needs of sales teams primarily in mind, but it turned out that StaffSupervisor works out in managing of different teams that are distributed geographically.

Like other products provided by Q4B Group companies - PLUSGPS, BEECRON, we did our best to make our application as useful as possible. The positive reactions of our clients have given us great satisfaction. We know, however, that any solution can be improved, and we are grateful for all the comments and suggestions concerning StaffSupervisor sent by our users.

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StaffSupervisor is an application used to increase the productivity of sales teams, rapid detection of dishonest employees or ordinary crooks. The software runs on company mobile devices with the knowledge and consent of their users, acquiring only data relevant for the business. With this data and statistics, a person in charge of a team verifies the employees’ reports on work and perfromance.

The application is extremely easy to install on a phone or other mobile device to be supervised. Once installed, the system collects information about calls, messages, files and locations. The person in charge of a team has immediate online access to them from any computer or a mobile device.